Partner Program

Join the King of Investment Partner Program and see how passive income can be generated easily and effectively. Share your unique code, or recommend our program to friends and earn money together! Every recommended person not only earns money on his or her investment, but also helps you earn your income!

How to start working with us?

  1. Let us know you want to work with us via our e-mail address: office@kingsofinvestment.com
  2. Please use “affiliation” as the title of the e-mail
  3. Receive a list of the affiliate codes from us
  4. Recommend the product and earn commission

That is all you need to earn a regular monthly income!

How much can you earn doing this?

Whatever the form of earning, your profits will be 1.2% per month for each zloty invested. For example, if a subject invests PLN 100,000 in the King of Investment program, your profit will be PLN 1,200 per month until the investor withdraws their capital.

Permanent cooperation

People who work with us effectively and professionally have the opportunity to engage in individual and attractive collaboration. This work will also provide an attractive monthly work pay in addition to the sales commission.