Kings Of Investment - your pension program!

Rate of return

By investing 500 zlotys per month, you get a return rate of 5% per month. This amount adds up. After a year of depositing your funds, the total saved amount will be PLN 6000 + monthly capitalization of interest. At present, banks and other funds offer a profit of around 2% per year. This amount does not even exceed the increase in the prices of everyday products, medicines or visits to the sanatorium. Thanks to the King of Investment program, your pension will cover all your obligations and life needs. We do not have a comprehensive bureaucratic apparatus like the Social Security Institution. We are not an institution dependent on state policy. We take care of our customers’ money by helping them reinvest it without leaving their homes. While we do this, you can enjoy your hobbies, like reading books, sewing, or fishing.

King of Investment – Checking your balance

At the end of each month, you can withdraw your capital or leave it in our balance. The choice of what you intend to do with your capital is entirely up to you. Unplanned expenses? – the funds will be paid out immediately. Saved up a satisfactory amount – cash out your funds. If you have any questions, our consultants are available during business hours. What is pension like with King of Investment? Unlike any pension fund, our product allows you to use services at every stage. We do not transfer funds between any institutions. The entire capital is kept with one company. This reduces the costs of employees, buildings, bureaucracy. This is completely different from the approach of the Social


Institution or the Open Pension Fund. The costs of operating your capital are much lower than the expected profit!

How does fund investment work?

Every month after your capital has been transferred to us, we will perform automated financial transactions on the stock exchange. By reinvesting capital in, for example, gold, silver or currencies, the capital gains value, and these profits are deposited into your individual account.

Payment of funds – King of Investment

Every person, regardless of his or her situation, can withdraw their funds at the end of each month. This is what makes us different from most funds. The funds are paid out every month, without losing the achieved profits.

King of Investment – during the Coronavirus pandemic

During the pandemic, payment of benefits and filing of documents are made easier. To have your case examined, all you need to do is simply send the relevant documents to us by email. We also need an application with a legible signature. To make sure everything is secure, it is worth saving the scan of the application in PDF format. Our team will immediately check the given person’s capital and pay out the funds.

When to set up the King of Investment fund?

We can start saving at any time in our lives. It is not worth focusing solely on the state institutions like the Social Security Institution, which maintains the entire bureaucratic apparatus of the State and is dependent on national policies.

Who is our fund for?

Any person who has taken up their first job or has started another gainful activity for which a contribution to the Social Security Insurance Institution is paid may join King of Investment. A request to start saving money for retirement can be made at any time.

Payment of funds from King of Investment

As to withdrawing your funds, you have complete freedom of choice. Once a month, the capital and the rate of return are counted. Most pension funds provide this opportunity only 10 years before the pension is received. Our team believes that the capital is entirely yours, so the decision whether to pay it out is yours as well!